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COM1003 JaYa PURgUaPPLQg ± SePeVWeU 2 JaYa PURgUaPPLQg AVVLgQPeQW: A Fitness actiYit\ tracker data e[plorer Submission and deadline You can already upload your code via the submission link provided on MOLE. The deadline for submission is 3 pm on Friday 22 May. Where and how to submit Please, follow carefully this guidance: – Upload your Java source code as a compressed zip archive to MOLE (.tgz, and .rar files will not be accepted). – The zip file should be named according to your CICS username, e.g. if your username is aca19xxx, your file should be named The zip file VhoXld XncomSUeVV inWo a foldeU called µaVVignmenW2020¶ containing your source code, with a sub-foldeU called µaVVignmenW2020/codeSUoYided¶ (oU µaVVignmenW2020\codeSUoYided¶ on WindoZV) conWaining Whe SUoYided claVVeV, and similarly the other subpackages (gui, handoutquestions and dataloading). To create a zip file on Windows, navigate to your Eclipse ZoUkVSace, When inWo Whe µVUc¶ foldeU. RighW click Whe foldeU µaVVignmenW2020¶ and VelecW µSend To…¶ When VelecW µComSUeVVed (]iSSed) FoldeU¶. – Do not upload the dataset. To double-check that your submission conforms to the above, once you unzip your submission file (, the file structure should look like the one in the image: Submission checklist It is imperative that you adhere precisely to the required program structure outlined in this assignment. You have already been provided with a substantial number of Java files and empty versions of the classes that you need to submit. If you do not adhere to the guidance provided, your code may not be compatible with the marking system and will be returned to you and you will risk your final mark. – Keep as your main class the class that has been provided to you. – Ensure that all your classes are part of the package assignment2020, and sub-packages assignment2020.* (assignment2020.dataloading, assignment2020.handoutquestions and assignment2020.gui). Your classes need to import the classes in the code provided to you in package assignment2020.codeprovided and its sub-packages assignment2020.codeprovided.*. – Ensure that your submission has the following classes, with exact matches to filenames and in the package location that has been already provided to you: o (assignment2020.dataloading) o (assignment2020.handoutquestions) o (assignment2020.gui) o (assignment2020.gui) – Also ensure that your submission has all the classes in the package assignment2020.codeprovided and sub-packages assignment2020.codeprovided.* unaltered. Late work Late work will be penalised according to standard University procedure (a penalty of 5% per day late; work will be awarded a mark of zero if more than 5 days late). Be aware that sometimes MOLE is slow or unavailable, so make sure you upload your code well in advance of the deadline. Marking and feedback Your submission will be marked out of 100, and marks will be awarded as follows: x Correct outputs (50%), evaluated on the basic tests supplied, and more strenuous hidden tests covering the correctness of the whole assignment. Tests will cover the correctness in loading the data from the provided text files (section ³FiWneVV tracker activity daWa´), the amount of correct answers to Q1-Q20 questions (section “The questions´), and GUI operating as expected providing the correct data visualisations (section “The GUI´). x Sensible and efficient programming practices (25%), encompassing well designed algorithms, data structures and data manipulation strategies, sensible use of the Java API, and good use of exceptions. You should strive to make your code robust, such that it can behave sensibly even when there are errors in the input files. x Good programming style (25%). Remember that readability is of paramount importance. This means choosing good names for classes, variables and methods, taking care with line breaks, using documentation when required (but not excessively), using indentation adequately and consistently (4 characters per indent is the recommendation). As a last check before handing in, ask yourself whether your code is readable by someone marking it, and try viewing your source files with a different editor to ensure that your indentation will display correctly. Questions If you have any questions about the assignment, please, first check the list of Frequently Asked Questions in the Assignment section. If your question is not answered there, please, use the COM1003 forum to post your questions. The lecturer and demonstrators will be available to answer questions about the assignment in the Tuesday and Friday virtual labs. Maria-Cruz Villa-Uriol, 21st April 2020


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