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The University of Liverpool Management School 2019 – 2020 (Semester 2) EBUS612 (Postgraduates) E-Business Enterprise System with SAP Practical Assignment with SAP (40% of module mark) Submission deadline: 2:00pm 15/05/2020 IMORTANT NOTICE: This is an individual assignment and your final report needs to be submitted via Turnitin. In your submission, you need to state your individual system ID first! 1. Results from your three case studies (40%) a. Provide the screenshots of your stock availability for all your five materials after you finished the LO case study and explain why did you get those results? (2 pages) (5%) b. Provide the screenshots of your Sales and Distribution document flow. Display the details of your accounting document. (1 page) (5%) c. Discuss what the minimal organizational level is required for your UCC- MORTORCYCLE-## master data and why? (100 words) (5%) d. Discuss what the minimal organizational level is required for your cost centre master data and why? (100 words) (5%) e. Critically discuss what is a MRP and how is it used in SAP system? What are the pros and cons by using MRP in real-time business? Your answer should be supported with examples from your case studies as well as academic resources. (400 words) (20%) 2. Expanding from your three case studies (60%) Based on the CO case study, Operation 0020 in the routings of your UCC-ENGINE- ## needs to be assembled in a new work centre (name it with your own choice) with four cost centres with the following details. Further, after moving into the new work centre, the current cycle time of this operation requires 48 minutes with Machine and 89 minutes with Labour. Activity type for Setup, Machine and Labour should be the one corresponding to the new Assembly cost centre. In the new work centre, the maintenance team has two types of activity output. The new added consultation activity aims at providing technique support to Assembly line. All the other settings are kept the same as in your CO case study. Canteen Employees 5 Salary 60,000 Purchased services 120,000 Maintenance Employees 5 Maintenance output 1,000h Consultation output (Activity type: C-##) 300h Salary 60,000 Repair (CC-RP-##) Employees 5 Total output (R-##) 700h Salary 65,000 Consumed maintenance 100h Secondary cost element REP-## Hierarchy area [H1400] Technical Area Cost centre category [2] Service cost centre Company code 1000 Business area 9900 Profit centre 1000 Assembly Employees 25 Total output 7,500h Labour costs 260,000 Consumed maintenance 500h Consumed Repair 300h Consumed consultation 95h a. What is the total price with the corresponding activity types for your engine assembly cost centre, maintenance cost centre and repair cost centre. (0.5 page) (5%) b. Complete above extension in your system and provide the screenshot of your engine assembly cost centre costing report. Explain the overall process of obtaining the new assembly activity cost with appropriate support of calculations and work flow chart. (7 pages) (20%) c. Provide the screenshot of the new cost estimate for your UCC-MOTORCYCLE-## with Item Categories layout (0.5 page) (5%) A new customer would like to purchase 60 units of UCC-MOTORCYCLE-## after we finished the sales in the LO case study. A new vendor who supplies the same type of resources as per our production required with different price scales as below: UCC-FRAME Scale quantity Amount Unit 1 777.16 EUR 50 695.00 EUR 90 689.99 EUR UCC-BLOCK Scale quantity Amount Unit 1 349.50 EUR 50 310.00 EUR 90 290.50 EUR UCC-CAMSHAFT Scale quantity Amount Unit 1 89.95 EUR 55 70.00 EUR 90 64.85 EUR d. Draw a flow chart with descriptive explanation to demonstrate what processes your system has gone through to satisfy your customer’s order. (2 pages) (10%) e. Choose the right vendor to fulfil the new customer order with evidence of demonstration the whole Sales and Distribution process is completed. Critically discuss your vendor selection decisions with reflecting key operation management strategies. (500 words) (20%) Remarks: All the unspecified settings will be the same as in your case studies; Any unspecified settings for the new Repair cost centre needs to reference to your maintenance cost centre.


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