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辅导案例-ECEN 2310

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Department of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering University of Colorado Boulder ECEN 2310 – Programming with Mathematical Software Spring 2020 Final Project Your final assignment will be to design, formulate, and solve a linear programming problem of your choosing. It can be an electrical engineering problem (VLSI design, optimal clocking, etc.) classical operations research problem (shortest path, bipartite matching, etc.) or a problem of your own design pertaining to a hobby or everyday activity. Please use the linprog function in MATLAB to solve your problem once formulated. Your problem must specify at least 20 decision variables (real world problems often have millions), must have both equality and inequality constraints, as well as decision variables with both upper and lower bounds. Please use the extended output version of linprog ([x,fval,exitflag,output,lambda] = linprog ()) and comment in your project report on the extra outputs provided, beyond just the optimal values of the decision variables found. Please provide a project report in IEEE format (Word and Latex templates here: This document should provide an introduction to the problem, a mathematical formulation of your problem, and discussion and analysis (with figures!) of your results. Please follow the template provided in the Optimization Overview Lecture to provide the mathematical description of your decision variables, objective function, bounds, and constraints. This document should be two pages maximum. It should be written at a level that others who are familiar with MATLAB, but not with your specific project, can understand the details. In addition to this report please include all files necessary to run your program (including any data files if appropriate and a description of how to run your program) in the same zip file to be uploaded to Canvas. If your program cannot be easily run based on the file structure and description you will receive no credit for the assignment.


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