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ME4718_ Assignment_2020_v1 ME4718 Assignment bullet points 2020 V1 Dr Hassan Kaghazchi Topic Marks 1.Plant selection (15%)  Select a minimum of 2 input, 2 output system. Explain the operation of the plant. Derive the transfer function matrix for the system. 2.Develop the Bristol Relative Gain RGA (5%)  Calculate the RGA for the system, to verify the pairing of controlled variables with manipulated variables. 3.Design single loop PID controllers (5%)  For each loop design PI or PID controller for each loop separately. Tune each loop by a method of your choice(Reaction curve, continuous cycling, simulation, etc). Select PID/PI parameters that minimises ISE for set point change for each loop. 4.Design decouplers for PID loops (5%)  Design dynamic/ static decouplers to minimise/ eliminate interaction between two loops. 5.Performance Comparison (5%) Calculate ISE and contrast the performance of different controllers developed for set-point & disturbance change. 6. Loop stability (5%)  Evaluate the stability of each loop for both PID controllers 7.Discussion, Conclusions (5%) Total % Marks Assignment should be Emailed in word format to [email protected] by 5pm Fri 15 May Footer: surname-ID Font: 12pt Times New Roman Spacing: 1.5 line Length: Max 12 pages including any appendix, graphs, etc


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