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辅导案例-QBUS6860-Assignment 7

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The University of Sydney Page 1 QBUS6860 Visual Data Analytics Weekly Assignment 7 Dr Demetris Christodoulou Discipline of Accounting MEAFA Research Group The University of Sydney Page 2 Weekly Assignment 7 o The Weekly Assignment 7 follows from the completion of the Weekly Assignment 2 o Following the extraction of the whisky age and alcohol variables using regular expressions from the dataset whisky.csv, you are now required to apply the EDA tools discussed during the lectures of Week 7 and Week 8 in order to understand the relation of whisky price with the age of whisky and its alcohol content o The graph objective is therefore “The relation of whisky price with age and alcohol content” o Do not try to implement all EDA tool – focus only the relevant tools given the data The University of Sydney Page 3 Weekly Assignment 7 o We do not know in advance the answer to the graph objective question and we must inspect the relation using an exploratory approach. o You are required to produce suitable EDA analysis, transformation analysis and professional data graphs. o You can create as many graphs as you want for the EDA analysis, but the graph objective should be answered in the end using just one data graph that could be presented whisky producers to understand the relation between price, age and alcohol content o You are required to make specific inferences on how whisky price is determined on the basis of its age and alcohol content o To answer this question you must use the dataset that is provided in the Week 8 page The University of Sydney Page 4 Weekly Assignment 6 o You will be evaluated on the quality of the EDA on analysing the relation between whisky price and whisky age, using the tools learned in Weeks 7 and 8 o You need to submit the Tableau workbook (.twbx) and a Word or PDF report


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