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The University of Sydney Page 1 QBUS6860 Visual Data Analytics Group Project 1 Dr Demetris Christodoulou Discipline of Accounting MEAFA Research Group The University of Sydney Page 2 Group Project 1 o The topic of Group Project 1 is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and specifically to the question of why different countries experience so vastly different death rates (i.e. the number of fatalities to the number of those infected by the virus). o For example, as at 13 April 2020, at the bottom-end of death rates we have Australia with 0.95%, Japan 1.44% of deaths, South Korea 2.03%, Germany 2.29%, Canada 2.93%, USA 3.96%, and China 4.02%. o On the top-end of death rates, we have Spain with 10.22%, Netherlands with 10.69%, France with 10.78%, Belgium with 12.14%, UK 12.47%, and Italy with 12.72%. o These are the world’s economic powerhouses, all with comprehensive health systems, yet the differences in death rates are striking. Why are they so vastly different? The University of Sydney Page 3 Group Project 1 o The Group Project requires you to produce an interactive dashboard that answers the Graph Objective: “The country-specific determinants of death rates by COVID-19” o To calculate the death rates, you are required to use the data provided by the John Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Centre. There, you can also see a useful dashboard visualising the pandemic spread: o The note do the dashboard gives you the GItHub link for the dataset. This data can get you started in calculating the death rates The University of Sydney Page 4 Group Project 1 o However, to answer the Graph Objective, the calculation and analysis of just death rates is not enough o You must conduct additional research to find out the determinants of the varying death rates by country. For example, why in Japan where the virus spread early has only 1.44% of deaths, but Netherland’s death rate is ten times higher? o You must act as a data analyst and discover additional data that would complement the already provided data by John Hopkins University that could explain the differential death rates. That is, you must condition the visual analysis on the determinants of death rates o Hint: there is more than one determinant factor. It is not enough to talk about only one factor. A single factor cannot explain the differential death rates. The University of Sydney Page 5 Group Project 1 o The Group Project 1 will test everything that you have learned from Week 1 to 6 inclusive. This includes: – Adherence to graph qualities – Data management, reporting on DGP and data validation – Appropriate application of visual implantations – Appropriate use of retinal variables – Complete graph identification – Appropriate use of graph enhancement tools – Dashboard creation o You will also be evaluated on your ability to work as a data analyst, use critical thinking, and discover and analyse relevant data o You must submit a maximum 5-page PDF or Word report including an exported image of the dashboard, plus the Tableau TWBX file, and the data file in CSV or XLSX


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