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1 Lab 2: Bomblab – Defusing a Binary Bomb SWE2001:System Program, Spring 2020 Instructor: Hojoon Lee ([email protected]) TA: Kha Dinh Duy ([email protected]) Due: May 22, 2020 11:59PM 1 Introduction The purpose of this lab is to get the you more familiar with the machine presentation of a program. You will be given a “binary bomb”, which is a precompiled program. When run, the bomb requires the user to type in 6 different strings to defuse it. If any of these is incorrect, the bomb will “explode” and close itself. You must use a debugger or a reverse engineering tool to solve this lab. It is recommended to use GDB with the GEF ( plugin for this challenge. 2 Logistics This is an individual project. All handins are electronic. Clarifications and corrections will be posted on 3 Handout instruction Each student will go to the binary bomb request server at You will be asked to fill in a simple form. Please put your student ID (e.g. 2020123456) into the “User name” field and your email address in the remaining field, then click on “Submit”. You should be prompted to download a file (bomb.tar). You could copy it to a directory on Linux machine and unpack the file using the command: $ tar xvf bomb.tar There are 3 files in the unpacked directory:  README : General information about the bomb.  bomb : The binary bomb.  bomb.c : The source code to the bomb. 2 You could run the bomb by itself with ./bomb or pass a solution file to it as a parameter (e.g. ./bomb solution.txt). The solution file has to contain 6 correct string in order, each in a separated line. 4 Hand in Instructions In addition to the original files (README, bomb, bomb.c) inside the directory, please include the following files in your submission:  solution.txt: o Contain you 6 strings of your solution in order, each on a separated line. You should test your solution before handing in to make sure that it is correct. (./bomb solution.txt).  report.pdf: o A short technical report on how you solved the problem. All files should be compressed to .zip format.


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