Assignment 2 – Respond to a brief

  • May 15, 2020

Assignment 2 – Respond to a brief30%Week 7OverviewIn this assignment you will respond to a specific brief to create a web-based experience. Youwill develop a concept for a design, along with draft assets and a storyboard. You do NOTneed to implement the design. However, you may wish to incorporate sketches includingdraft animations and interactive experiences.Detailed BriefChoose one of the following briefs. Conceptualise a design that makes use of yourunderstanding of interactive engagement on the web. Your design should make use of 2Danimation and interaction and apply basic principles of web design and interactiveexperience design. It is important that your design is also practically realisable (you shouldbe able to build at least a rough prototype version of the design concept).Option 1Create an HTML advert for the Fred Hollows Foundation. The advert should draw a user in anarrative experience that conveys the goals of the organisation in a specific fundraisinginitiative, using interaction to further engage them in the mission of the organisation. As wellas encouraging users to give money and share the experience on social media, a goal of theengagement is to instill a long term understanding of key issues relevant to FHF that mightmake users into future ambassadors for the cause and to show empathy.You may wish to consider different ways to draw someone in using interaction:- Create a simple game (e.g., Frogger)- Ask an enticing question (e.g., how many blindness cases are curable?)- Present a notable statistic or fact (e.g., low cost of curing blindness)- Engage the user on a moral issue (how curing blindness can improve someone’slife).You could consider different aspects of the FHF marketing to engage with:- The personal story of Fred Hollows- The personal story of an individual beneficiary of FHF aid- The story of a current humanitarian crisis such as the Rohingya.- Information about cataracts, sanitation and health.Option 2Create an HTML “music video” experience for a music track of your choosing. The musicvideo should primarily take the form of an animation but must have some degree ofinteractivity. The work can be as interactive as you wish (e.g., it could be a full-fledgedcomputer game), but the experience should be enjoyable even when the user providesminimal input. The music track remains a piece of fixed meda. However, you could consideradding additional layers of sound to the track, or mashing it up in some other way.Inspiring examples (NOTE: do not attempt anything this complicated! Just take inspiration):Dance Tonight by LCD Soundsystem Dreams of Black by Chris Milk / Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, and Norah Jones a Reflector by Arcade Fire 3Create a variation on a classic arcade game of your choosing, that re-conceptualises theelements according to some 3rd party theme. For example, make a version of PacMan orFrogger where the elements are replaced by Lord of the Rings characters.SubmissionSubmit a 2 page PDF which includes:● 200 word concept, which includes where the piece will be presented● Visual assets to support the visual design● A combination of storyboards and interaction scenarios that illustrate the progressionof the experienceIn addition, submit a zipped folder containing either video examples or real online drafts ofthe work.Present work in a short, 2 minute, in-class presentation. You may use any visual content youlike for this presentation (a slideshow is recommended).Selection CriteriaF P C D HDConceptDevelopment(60%)Concept is notclearlyarticulated.Concept isclearlyarticulated buthas problemsor does notclearly addressthe briefConceptaddresses thebrief and is wellthought throughConceptaddresses briefand shows indepthconceptualdevelopment ofthe idea inresponse tocritical andreflectivethinkingConcept isinnovative andvery well suitedto the brief withthe potential tocreate a richand compellingexperience. Aclearunderstandingof interaction isdemonstrated.Quality of Drafts,Presentation andOrganisation ofMaterials (40%)The conceptpitch ispresentedpoorlywith little or novisual material,ormaterial thatdoesnot assist thecommunicationofthe concept.The conceptpitch issupported byinformativevisual materialA series of richdrafts andillustrationssupports theconceptdevelopment,and there issystematicorganisation ofmaterialsSupportingmaterialincludesevidence ofiteration andexperimentationand issystematicallyorganisedSupportingmaterialincludesinnovativeapproach tointeractionexperimentationand clearlysupports theconceptCourse learning outcomes addressed in this task:1. Recognise and explain interaction as a key concept in media arts practice.2. Select and apply key techniques and concepts used in the creation of interactivemedia arts projects.3. Develop and create digital media assets that can be used in animated and interactiveenvironments.