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UNSW GSOE9510 Summer 2021 Homework Exercise 1: Codes of Ethics Question In the ’lectures’ you were introduced to the general principles of a professional code of ethics. These are explained in more detail in the relevant texts. You specifically met the Code of Ethics of Engineers Australia. (available at (a) Do you believe the Engineers Australia code satisfies the general requirements for a professional (lawyers, dentist, etc) code of ethics ? Explain your reasons. (b) Find the code of ethics of any other professional engineering body in the world. (You may be a member of a different body yourself.) Explain who this code belongs to. Discuss the similarities and differences between the code you chose and the code of Engineers Australia. Note: Your answer to questions (a) & (b) combined is expected to be about 300 words. Complete the details required below and staple this sheet to the front of your answer with this side on top. Submit your answer to your teacher in your tutorial class Wed 13 January. I declare that this assessment item is my own work, except where acknowledged, and has never been submitted for academic credit elsewhere. I acknowledge that the assessor of this item may, for the purpose of assessing this item, (i) reproduce this assessment item and provide a copy to another member of the University, and/or (ii) communicate a copy of this assessment item to a plagiarism checking service (which may then retain a copy of the assessment item on its database for the purpose of future plagiarism checking). I certify that I have read and understood the University Rules about Student Academic Miscon- duct. Signature: Date: Name: StudentID: GSOE9510 Homework Exercise 1: Codes of Ethics 2 You have to complete THREE homework exercises this session, as shown in the table below. handed out due topic Question 1 6 Jan 13 Jan Codes of Ethics Question 2 13 Jan 20 Jan Team Leadership Question 3 20 Jan 27 Jan Engineering in the News These 3 homework exercises together count as 12% of your summative mark in this course. Each exercise will be marked using the following criteria. IDEAS (weight 0.5): relevance to question; quality of thoughts; creativity, etc STRUCTURE & WRITTEN EXPRESSION (0.5): physical presentation, logic, ref- erencing, etc; standard of grammar, spelling, & punctuation; fluency, correct words, avoidance of cliche´s; style; conventions (eg SI units) After receiving the marked homework, you may revise and resubmit each piece of homework once, to improve the structure & written expression component of the mark. Late submissions will be penalised in accord with the standard penalty, i.e. 20% for each day late or part thereof. Note also the following general marking guidelines. 1. You must not commit plagiarism. Any work considered to contain plagiarism will be passed to the Head of School for further action. (see 2. If your work is unsatisfactory (i.e. not suitable for a professional engineer), then you may be required to resubmit an amended version. Work can be unsatisfactory for ANY of these reasons: (i) use of units not conforming to SI standards; (ii) use of discriminatory or non-inclusive language; (iii) failure to follow correct referencing conventions; (iv) consistently inappropriate style (e.g. as though written for a sales brochure); (v) unreadable text, symbols, or figures. 3. Check these requirements before submitting. • The work is legibly written in ink (blue/black) or printed in 12 pt type on A4-paper. Pages are consecutively numbered. • The work is the specified length. • Any references are contemporary, with complete citation details, & correctly included in the text body. • The work has been proof-read and spelling, grammar, & punctuation have been checked. • Acronyms & jargon are either avoided or clearly explained. 欢迎咨询51作业君


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