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BUSS1000_FinalExam_Main_S22020 BUSS1000 1 Questions Paper: Instructions: • There are 2 questions in total. • Please complete all questions. • Clearly mention ‘Question 1’ and ‘Question 2’, as appropriate, while responding to the question. • Please provide appropriate rationale and evidence based on the case facts and content covered in BUSS1000. Answer the following questions based on the business case: ‘Making stickK Stick: The Business of Behavioral Economics’. Question 1. (60 marks) In the context of stickK in 2010 Business Model Canvas has nine building blocks- (i) Customer segments, (ii) Value propositions, (iii) Channels, (iv) Customer relationships, (v) Revenue streams, (vi) Key resources, (vii) Key activities, (viii) Key partnerships, and (ix) Cost structure. The case study talks about 2 different business models – (i) directly selling to individual consumers and- B2C (ii) as a platform to other businesses- B2B. Compare between B2C and B2B business models of stickK and suggest what Goldberg should do (stick to B2C business model or expand into B2B business model). Question 2. (40 marks) Let us assume that stickK is considering to expand into an emerging market in 2020. Use concepts of (1) Liability of foreignness (LOF) and (2) CAGE Framework from week 9- Emerging and Growing Markets to identify potential challenges for stickK. END OF EXAMINATION 欢迎咨询51作业君


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