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Moisture content and water retention

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Moisture content and water retentionParent material compositionPesticide and herbicide residue levelsCalcium and aluminum levelsections:The suggested time for answering this question is about 22 minutes.Where calculations are requirerly show how you arrived at your answer.Where explanation or discussion is required,support your answerrelevant information and/or specific examples.pose that you have just started a summer internship working for a cooperative extension service,where youcollect soil samples,conduct laboratory and field tests,and make recommendations on soil conservation ancultural practices.a.Identify and describe one chemical soil test and one physical soil test that could be performed andexplain how the results of these tests will allow the cooperative extension service to make specificrecommendations for sustainable agriculture.b.Explain one advantage and one disadvantage to using inorganic commercial fertilizers.c.Describe TWO soil conservation practices that are designed to decrease soil erosion.d.Identify one biome that is characterized by soil that is rich in humus.Describe how humus originated irthe soils of this biome and TWO ways that humus improves soil conditions for plant growth.Please respond on separate paper,following directions from your teacher.



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