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1.In the production of skim milk powder,the milk is preheated,centrifuged

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1.In the production of skim milk powder,the milk is preheated,centrifugedto separate the cream,pasteurized,and concentrated in a multiple effectevaporator.Following these processing steps,concentrated skim milk ata rate of 5000 kg/h with 50%moisture will be spray dried to 4%moisturein a spray dryer where the ambient air at 20C and 60%relative humidityis heated to2OO°C before entering the dryer.To reach the required finalmoisture content of the product,it is necessary to have the relativehumidity of the air at the exit equal to 10%.(a)Draw the process flow diagram showing the steps involved in theproduction of skim milk powders.(5 marks)(b)Calculate the required air flow rate for the spray dryer.(5 marks)(c)Determine the temperature of the air at the exit.(5 marks)(d)Calculate the heat required per kg of water evaporated.(5 marks)(e)Extra question for PG co-horts:outline the necessary assumptions tosupport your answers.(5 marks)



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