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(A)Slash-and-burn agriculture

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(A)Slash-and-burn agriculture(B)Integrated pest management(C)Monocrop farming(D)Terrace farming8.A community located downwind from a coal-fired power plant has seen a recent increase in the number of dead andying trees.A soil scientist measured values for the following parameters before and after the trees died off.Whichof the following soil data should be used to determine if the coal-fired power plant emissions were the cause of thedamage to the trees?Page 4 of 5AP Environmental ScienceAPCollegeBoardTest Bookmakeup test(A)Moisture content and water retention(B)Parent material composition(C)Pesticide and herbicide residue levels(D)Calcium and aluminum levels9.Directions:The suggested time for answering this question is about 22 minutes.Where calculations are required,clearly show how you arrived at your answer.Where explanation or discussion is required,support your answerswith relevant information and/or specific examples.



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