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Question 4

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Question 4(a)Use Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws in your answers to thequestions where relevant.Give your answer to an accuracy of 3 decimalplaces.Use Figure 4 (a),to answer the questions below:Describe what a node is and how many nodes are in the circuit.[2]I.Calculate the current through each resistor.Draw the circuit in your[18]ii.answer booklet and use current arrows to indicate the direction ofcurrent flow through each resistor.[2]Calculate the voltage drop on the current source I.[2]iv.Calculate the power dissipated in Ry.Calculate the equivalent total load resistance Rr as seenby the[2]current source.[2]vi.Calculate the total power delivered by the current source.[2】vii.Calculate the total energy supplied by the current source after 5minutes of operation.[2】viii.Calculate the resistivity of R3 if it has a 0.5 m length and a diameterof 0.1 cm.[2】ix.Calculate the conductivity of R3.R350R1R22040R4R52802100Figure 4(a)[6](b)Using Multisim simulation for the circuit in Figure 4 (a),measure the totalpower dissipated by the circuit,the current through Ry and the voltageacross Rs.enanshot with a wattmeter,an



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