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Question 3

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Question 3(a)(i)For the circuit shown in Figure 3(a),calculate the equivalentresistance R between terminals a and b if R5 doesn’t intersect withR6.Show all your intermediate steps.[5](il)For the same circuit,calculate the equivalent resistance Rabbetween terminals a and b if R5 intersects with R6.Show all yourintermediate steps.Give your answer to an accuracy of 3 decimal[3]R10R3RT401010R2<361R460R830120Figure 3(a)(b)The voltage at the terminals of a battery is 52 V when no load isconnected and 48.8 V when a load taking 80 A is connected.Find the[2]internal resistance of the battery.What would be the terminal voltagewhen a load taking 20 A is connected?c)(i)Using Ohm's law,develop an expression for Vout in Figure 3(c)interms of Vs,R,R2,Rg and R.Show all your intermediate steps.[4]R3VsVoutR4Figure 3(c)(ii)IfV,=18V,R1=2.4k2,R2=2.4k2,R3=1.2k2,R4=0.6k2,What[4]is the value of Vout using your answer of question 3(c)(i).Give detailed calculating steps and include a Multisimsimulation snapshot in this condition.(iii)Using Kirchhoff's laws,develop a formula for Vout=f (Vs,R,R2,[8]R3,R.)for the circuit shown in Figure 3(c).Show all your intermediatesteps.HINT:Find two independent equations for the currents I,and



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