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Prepared”(for rating 4 and 5).Lahel your chart clearly

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Prepared”(for rating 4 and 5).Lahel your chart clearly(4 marks)Summary (maximum:150 words):Provide a summary of the overall results of the survey highlighting the opinions andkey concerns of participants about retirement.Substantiate your diseussion withappropriate Exccl analysis.[Hint Try to analyse at least the variables O5 ro 08I(10 marks)C.ag20 puicnase investment products so as to be financially prepared forTage 5retirement?Yes,to keep up with inflation[2]Yes,a limited extent if risk is low[31No,investment is like gambling,too risky.ate your level of confidence for the statements below about retirement:Not at allYeryconfidentConridentQ5.I am doing a good job to prepare for retirement.2345Q6I have enough money for major medical expenses12345Q7.I am able to pay off all debts/mortgages before retirement.12345Q8.I have enough money for my current lifestyle at retirement.1235式三AQo1o21oOsQOm的net prepared12neutral12u-my.suftcenthy prepared26建的719e346210153见411410关RAW DATA



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