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Question 2:(6 points)

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Question 2:(6 points)Suppose we have a uniform beam that is 4 metres long,and is simply supported with a pin support at 1.25mand a roller (or rolling pin if you prefer)support at 2.75m as per the diagram below.4m1.25m2.75mIf the beam has a load of f(a)=250 N/m is applied to it,and has a flexual rigidity of 35,000 Nm2,then:a)(4 points)Calculate the deflection function y(z)for this beam assuming small deflections.b)(2 points)Is (1 (dy/da)≈1 accurate to4 decimal places for all(0≤x≤4?Note:x≈1 accurate to4 decimal places means that|x-1<0.00005.



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