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Communication 10 Marles

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Communication 10 Marles1212.Consider the reaction represented by the equation:2P+Q-3RThe total enthalpy of the reactants is (00 k),the total enthalpy of the products is -150 kJ and the12activation energy for the forward reaction is 80 kJ.a)Sketch a diagram of the energy profile for this reaction.Label the axes,and clearty label AH andE[58012100EaHR(4aH-(S03RHP/5b)Is the forward reaction endothermic or exothermic?Justify your answer.[1]it is exo themic reaction sinte -11c)Calculate the amount of energy released as the products of the reaction are formed.[2]the is SH-△re=-150-10012E-LS0kJd)Calculate the activation energy of the reverse reaction:3R→2P+Q[2]12



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