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By February 12, 2021留学咨询

MTHM507 Communicating Data Science CA1 – Individual assignment – 1short essay (about 1500 words for each essay) Deadline: noon, Fri 19th Feb by 5pm via ELE. Ocean Using the IPCC AR5 Ocean chapter, 2019 IPCC chapter 6, and knowledge shared in our lectures summarise and explain why Ocean extremes are becoming more severe and what the consequences can be. What do you think? What is certain vs. uncertain, and what are the main reasons for uncertainty (especially from a data analysis point of view). Try to explain in a way that a student entering a Masters level data science degree will be able to understand. Some ADSS guidance: This is a very broad topic – so choosing how to focus is important. A lot of data and data science analysis products are in this material. You can reproduce figures from papers and quote facts and phrases, ensure you cite them properly. The writing you do for this needs to be your own work. Also, take this opportunity to introduce ideas you may have and to talk and write about these clearly. The task and general assessment criteria for MTHM507 (all three assignments) are given on ELE: CA1: 1st Coursework Assignment: A written report focussing on clear writing: an equivalent of 4 pages of text (max. 1500 words in case of an essay). Contributes 30% to final grade. Set in w/c 1st Feb, due in Fri 19th Feb by 5pm. Content: (50%) Does the report/presentation accurately address the question as set, given constraints on the format of the assignment? Does the report/presentation connect the material to an appropriate level of analysis and/or scientific detail for the theme? If part of a larger team presentation, how do complementary team collaboration’s help build this and does this bring new angles to the question? Structure and presentation/delivery: (30%) Is the report/presentation clearly and correctly formatted and structured? Have the authors attempted to use the structure and presentation to emphasise the content? Are any sections, slides, diagrams or figures unnecessary or confusing? For a report: are references and captions included and correctly presented where appropriate? For a presentation: does it engage the audience? Is the delivery clear, audible and well-paced? Ambition and originality: (20%) Does the report/presentation explore anything that is maybe unusual but still highly relevant to the remit of the assignment? Is there evidence of intellectual curiosity and originality? 欢迎咨询51作业君


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