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vord form. There are more words than needed. Some words can be used twice

By June 25, 2021留学咨询

vord form. There are more words than needed. Some words can be used twice w6ome. ou meeu to ase conec maintain fantastic vaccine layer muscles adequate compose symptom exposure strength tension source comprehensive variety relieve virus 1. It is important to good health; this can be done by eating a well-balanced diet and doing regular physical exercise. 2. Regular exercise, enough sleep and social interaction are effective ways in reducing thus, preventing depression.3 of depression include irritation, insomnia losing appetite, social withdrawal and fatigue (feeling very tired). 4. There are ways to treat depression, and one of them is to receive counselling from professionals.5 is essential in preventing people from catching dangerous illnesses such as measles and chicken pox. 6. People are different; everyone has their own and weaknesses. Therefore, we should respect each other and allow others to be different from us. 7. The Internet offers great of information. People can virtually obtain any information on-line. 8. Ididn’t _this piece of music; it was by my music teacher Mr Smith. 9. When people are infected by a they can be sick. Therefore, it is sensible to keep away from people who suffer from contagious diseases (diseases that can be passed to others). 10. My parents felt so when my doctor told them I would have a full recovery from the illness. 11. Too much to the sun may result in skin cancer; therefore, people should wear hat and apply sunscreen when they go out on a sunny day 12. Both his parents and the teachers are very proud of Mark’s _achievements. He has invented two more machines, and he has scored a full mark in all the subjects. 13. Moments before the important meeting, Linda was told that her father had passed away.She



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