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By November 30, 2021留学咨询

To Whom it May Concern,

It is with pleasure that I offer this letter as a stellar recommendation for student. She has demonstration a passion and dedication to the field of social work and would be a perfect asset to your doctoral program.

I met student in my Dementia course during her time as a graduate student at the Columbia University in New York City. In this course, my students were engaged in discussions and completing assignments that helped them to apply their understanding the of roots, progressions of and social implications related to dementia. Student always demonstrated great enthusiasm in my course and offer valuable insight to course discussions based on her previous knowledge and learnings in the course. Her engagement in the classroom simply reflects her exceptional work ethic and purpose filled dedication to the field.

To date, student has successfully graduate with her Master of Art in Social Work in Columbia. Her education is simply a complement to the graduate degree that she holds in Social Work from Fudan University in China. In my courses, especially, she stood out as she could contribute an extended lens from her experiences learning and working in China. Some of her shared experiences within the classroom as she networked with her peers also highlighted her participation in research projects such as a forum with Harvard University Professor David Canning on Aging, Health, and Economics. She often brought wisdom and understanding to course discussions. Her drive and desire to transfer her knowledge within the American space is admirable and would definitely provide value within the learning environment in your doctorate program.

Outside of the classroom, student has provided value working at the United Nations as a research assistant. During her time working there, she supported the data compilation, review, and analysis for the Youth2030 program. She also served as vital part of the strategic planning process in applying the results of the research findings in a practical matter. In China, she also comes with experience have worked in the Eldercare Department of the Shanghai Municipal Government as well as the Social Work Department at Shanghai Ruijin Hospital. Her experience in those capacities have also provided value to her participation in my course.

Student’s passion and dedication to her craft is one that has made a mark in my classroom and at Columbia. It is always an honor to have students represent a program with diligence, dedication to the field, and a desire for growth. Student is clearly exemplary of that and by selecting her for your program, you will be represented by the best of the best.

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