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QUESTION 2On’1 January 2021,Puan Susila started a business offering child counselling services to residentsaround the Klang Valley.The fim is known as the Centre for Child Counselling Specialists(CCCS).The list of accounts obtained from the CCCS ledger with normal balance as at 31March 2021 are as follows:Account NameRMAccount NameRMCash7.850Uneamed Revenue4.000Accounts Receivable6.000Capital.Mrs.Susila22.750Prepaid Insurance2.400Counselling Service Revenue8.000Supply2.000Salary Expenses4.000Equipment15,000Rental Expenses1.000Accounts Not Yet Paid1.500Advertisement expense1.000Notes Not Yet Paid3.000Additional information as at 31 March 2021 is as follows:1.Physical calculations at the store found that the supply value was RM1,300.2.February utility bills at an amount of RM80 were received on 5 March 2021 and utility billsin March at an amount of RM70 received on 4 April 2021.Both bills have not been settled.3.Prepaid insurance is a one-year fire insurance policy commencing 1 January 2021.4.Puan Susila has received a payment of RM4,000 for the reservation of counseling of 31 March 2021 only 3/4 of the services were performed.5.The still accrued salary is RM1.500.6.The equipment has 5 years of age of use and no residual value.CCCS uses the straight-linedepreciation method.7.An invoice was issued to customers on 2 April 2021 for counselling scrvices offered in Marchamounting to RM3.000.8.Unpaid notes are 12%,for the 6 months published on March 1.2021.Required:1.Set up an adjustunent note as of March 31,2021.2.Prepare CCCS Adjusted Trial Balance as at 31 March 2021.



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