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Application Exercise 4-1 Global Manager

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Application Exercise 4-1 Global ManagerdevelopmentThe target(L)What can enterprises achieve with these six methods?The purpose of exercise 1 is to get the students to consolidate andthink about the enterprise(2)What is the cost-benefit analysis of each method?The purpose of various methods used by the industry to develop global managers.(3)Answers to the first and second questionsProblem setsHow are your ideas different from those of otherDevelop global managers according to the six categoriesstudents?shown in Table 4-5(4)Why do different students have different answers?Members of the method,answer the following questions:Table 4-5 Developing global managersenterpriseproject1.Travel related units of American ExpressForeign jobs for 10 weeks for business students and one to one or twoyears for junior managersPart I Introduction of human resource management and environment(continue)enterpriseproject2 Colgate LimitedBefore going to work overseas,we select about 15 fresh graduates and train themfor 115-24 months3.All ge units involved in aircraft engines will be sent abroad to Letall selected middle managers tearn foreign languages and culture,even if they don’t have toworkAbout 42 American managers will be selected to learn The Japanese language,culture and4.Honda’s American production companyliving customs for six months,and then sent to Tokyo headquarters to work for three years5.Pepsi International BeverageEvery year,some young people in their mid-20s are selected to work in bottling plants inDivisionthe United states6.RuikanSelect less experienced Asian employces to work in the U.s.for six months to twocompanyyears



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